PH: DOH supports increased taxes for cigarettes

PH: DOH supports increased taxes for cigarettes

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The Philippine's Finance Department got much needed backing from the Department of Health for its proposal to impose higher taxes on cigarettes starting 2018.
6 Nov 2016 - General
In the UK, cigarettes cost a lot. When we were living there, my mom was still a smoker and it was harder for her to support her addiction because it didn't feel right for her to spend so much for cigarettes. Unfortunately, she found a way to buy them tax-free, because we had duty-free access with my dad--and she would make arrangements with people coming from the Philippines to buy her a few cartons of cigarettes. Her addiction was bad, but I know that putting SIN TAX on cigarettes will real...
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The sin tax bill was passed when I was still a smoker and it doubled the price of cigarettes. Its not true that the usual price of a pack of cigarettes is just a dollar. Well, it used to be before the sin tax came along. I think movement that this will potentially curb the use of cigarettes. Since it has been two years, I wonder if there are any statistics that will show the improvements from this bill. Also, the government should take efforts in ensuring that cigarettes are not sold anywhere ne...
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Increasing the taxes for cigarettes will be a good step to try to discourage the population from smoking cigarettes. I think the increased in taxes should be much higher. As we know, smoking cigarettes will lead to a lot of adverse health outcomes, with multi-organs involvement, primarily affecting the lung (lung cancer and chronic obstructive lung disease). This will directly affect the healthcare cost to deal with the adverse effect of cigarettes smoking. The tax money gained from increasing i...
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There is no reason to oppose the decision to increase tax on cigarette. It should be increased more to discourage people from smoking.
But I peronally think, it is not a solution indeed. It will increase the daily expenses of smokers but they will not give up the habit. Smoking is a bad habit which has no usefulness at all. It will kill you gradually from all aspects. Smoking is just like inviting the murderer spending own money. Who likes that!! I think a total ban of cigarettes and other ...
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I think that imposition of this sin tax has been beneficial overall, and if it is an effective way of decreasing the number of smokers, well why not? A 4 % increase in tax every year is a good idea, though quite low copared to other countries. Also, if proceeds go to other Department of Health projects, then this is even better, so that the government can also add the country’s health concerns to its priority list. It’s good that the government has decided to take action regarding such health co...
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