Globally Emerging Invasive Deadly Multidrug Resistant Fungus

Globally Emerging Invasive Deadly Multidrug Resistant Fungus

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The fungus, called Candida auris, preys on the sickest patients and can spread in hospitals. Although doctors have been concerned about the spread of antibiotic-resistant bugs for many years, this fungus is relatively new on
6 Nov 2016 - General
This is scary news. A fungal infections are much harder to treat than bacterial diseases. So imagine the world being infected by a deadly fungus that is multi drug resistance. Anyone here has played the game Plague Inc: Evolved? Well if you have not, it is a game where you play the role of a pathogen. Yes, you are the pathogen and your goal is to annihilate human like from earth! You have the option of choosing the type of pathogen. I have played the game as a fungus, and at the beginning it is ...
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Oh!! It is really frightening!! We are already in trouble with multidrug resistant bacteria. Antibiotic resistance is rising as a global health problem. Many of the safe antibiotics are now useless. The treatment of infectious disease is being costly day by day as the newer drugs are expensive. The discovery of new antibiotics is not so fast compared to the growth of drug resistance.
Now, beside the multi drug resistant bacteria, we have got a new enemy. The multi drug resistant fungus!! It...
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Oh, we are still fighting against antibiotic resistance bugs and aren’t succeeding in combating against them. This new research about multidrug resistance fungus has increased the responsibilities of health care professionals and scientific researchers to find out more effective treatment against such fungus. These are globally emerging invasive deadly fungus Candida Auris that shows resistance against a variety of drugs. A Center for Disease Control and Prevention has published a report on Frid...
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