15 Helpful Hotel Room Hacks

15 Helpful Hotel Room Hacks

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6 Nov 2016 - General
Tahira Nawaz I am glad you found the article interesting. It is always frustrating when you leave something behind that you feel is important (i.e. USB plug). I suggest bringing an ethernet cable too. Most hotel rooms have an ethernet jack and you will have faster internet due to cable connection. Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Yes, that is ...
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This article is very amusing. My wife and I love to travel a lot but it always happens that either one of us forgets one thing or the other. When traveling abroad, sockets and adaptors have always been a problem and we learned out lesson to always bring a universal port for our devices. The ones mentioned in this article are helpful tips that could save us a lot of time and money next time we go on our next trip. I'll definitely take note of them. Any clever hotel room hacks you could share...
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