How do orgasms affect the brain?

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6 Nov 2016 - General

Well this is sort of an untouched area which is how the brain is affected by the orgasms even though this is a popular topic. A researcher has described the link between the orgasm and the it's effects to the brain by a study. An orgasm is described as a release of powerful and pleasurable sexual tension. At the orgasm, heavy breathing, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and rhythmic muscular contractions are experienced. With these changes this rhythmic sexual stimulation boosts the neural oscillations and correlating frequencies, if the stimulation is strong enough and lasts long enough. This is called as neural entrainment. The researcher Mr. Safron was the one who found this link.

Though man has reached the moon, aquired a lot of knowledge about the universe, they are ignorant about many things of their own body. Still we have lot of things to know about our body. Specially the nervous system is a very complicated part of human body. Orgasm is a popular topic indeed, it is a daily experience for many of us, but still the mechanism is unclear. There are so many hypothesis about it. A link between bodily change and neural entertainment is discussed here, but still this is ...
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