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7 Nov 2016 - General

Is any coffee lover out there?? A lovely cup of cappucino or latte or americano in the morning will be always be a great start of the day !!! Sometime, drinking 3-4 cups of coffee during the days will be the norm of some healthcare professionals. Is drinking excessive amount of coffee have any adverse health consequences ??  I do know that there are some health benefit of drinking coffee.  Coffee can help to improve and maintain our mental alertness, and our energy level. Drinking coffee may make us feel more happy at time !!  Just please don't drink it late at night, or else you will have a sleepless night.  This is my lovey cup of Cappucino in a sunday morning (photo attached). How many coffee would you drink daily ?? Can you survive a day wihout drinking coffee ??

Yes, I am and the coffee cup you have presented here looks very appetizing and delicious. I love to drink coffee at evening especially in winter. As winter in Pakistan is really very cool and to drink a hot cup of cappuccino coffee at window side has outstanding taste. Mostly I don’t drink coffee during summer but I drink 2-3 cups of coffee in winter to boost my energy level and become alerted. In winter it is difficult to survive without coffee but in summer it does not matter. More than three ...
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I am having my morning coffee, as I type this. I have 1-2 cups of coffee, but sometimes when I'm out I do not notice that I've had 3-4 already. I love coffee and it's not really that I cannot survive without it, but it's just been a habit of mine to start the day with it and it's never the same, otherwise. I still go some days without coffee and it's fine. But some days I'll notice that I'm feeling down and functioning with little energy and I'd realize that I...
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Your coffee looks great! I love black coffee, and I used to drink a lot of it as a student. Previously, on an average day, I would drink at least 4 cups. However, I developed an arrhythmia and I had to give up drinking this for some time. At present, I still drink coffee, but not as much as I used to. On an average i'll have 1-2 cups of coffee per day and 1-2 cups of tea in the afternoon or at night. I'm not sure if coffee still keeps me awake because I have chronic insomnia. Nevertheles...
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