FBI: No evidence of crime in Clinton emails

FBI: No evidence of crime in Clinton emails

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The US election takes a turn as the FBI says it won't charge Hillary Clinton over emails from her time at the State Department.
7 Nov 2016 - General
You know, initially I thought that it would be an easy battle for Hillary against Trump, but you're right, it is a little shaky on both sides and I cannot tell how this race is going to end. It seems very close. I am trying to see the trend in my American friends on FB but they're pretty mixed and this is coming from Americans, African-Americans and Filipinos. I am quite interested to see how things will go. Last week we had my aunt and her American husband over and they are for Clinton....
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There was no evidence of crime for Clinton’s emails handling issue as per investigation by FBI. This is a major boost for Clinton presidential campaign. A huge blow for Donald Trump side, who was always focusing in the email issue to attack Clinton. The conclusion from FBI was Clinton’s “extremely careless” in handling the very important classified email information, but no criminal wrongdoing. Hillary Clinton remains the favourite to get elected into the White House. Donald Trump was trying hi...
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