The value of negative patient feedback

The value of negative patient feedback

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Patient feedback is an important aspect of quality measurement in the healthcare field, and doctors should learn to handle negative patient feedback.
7 Nov 2016 - General
Any form of feedback, whether negative of positive has its merits. Healthcare professionals should be able to take constructive criticism - - unless they think too highly of themselves. Unfortunately, there are doctors who don't give too much weight on perception of patients. Why is this? Because despite that negative review, he still has a gazillion of patients to attend to, and the patient's opinion won't make any difference in his practice. Also in our culture, a lot of patients s...
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Indeed, Dc. Maria Cristina Inserto we cannot please everyone. As for my experience, since i was assigned at Intensive Care Unit, i think most of you are aware that in that unit we have a strict rules and regulations to be followed. One of which is the visiting hour. It is not an exception to disobey our rules whether you are powerful, rich or politician. So what happened is, we have a patient which his significan...
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You cannot please everybody, that's the truth. One time at the multispecialty clinic I was working at I saw a patient. Her chief complaint was a badly broken tooth, which I initially prescribed with a dental crown, but she insisted on a filling. I told her it keeps on dislodging because the support is not enough, but if you insist on a filling, I'll do it. Anyway, I also did other fillings. A few weeks after the dental assistant warned me that the patient is scheduled back, but she speci...
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