The value of negative patient feedback

The value of negative patient feedback

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Patient feedback is an important aspect of quality measurement in the healthcare field, and doctors should learn to handle negative patient feedback.
7 Nov 2016 - General
Any form of feedback, whether negative of positive has its merits. Healthcare professionals should be able to take constructive criticism - - unless they think too highly of themselves. Unfortunately, there are doctors who don't give too much wei...
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Indeed, Dc. Maria Cristina Inserto we cannot please everyone. As for my experience, since i was assigned at Intensive Care Unit, i think most of you are aware that in that unit we have a st...
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You cannot please everybody, that's the truth. One time at the multispecialty clinic I was working at I saw a patient. Her chief complaint was a badly broken tooth, which I initially prescribed with a dental crown, but she insisted on a filling. ...
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