What is the strangest thing you have heard a patient say?

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7 Nov 2016 - General

Many patients come into the clinic or hospital with some bizarre misconceptions about their health. What is the strangest thing you’ve heard your patients say?

Speaking to a heavy alcoholic:
Patient: My friend recommended me a type of alcohol that can clear my blood cholesterol.
Me: Oh really? So did it work?
Patient: Oh yes, after I drank it, I went to wash my hands and the water became oily. ...
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After done dispensing medication for patient today
Patient : may I ask you something miss ?
Me : oh sure l how can I help you ?
Patient : this morning I got stung by a bee and now what should I do ?? Should I see a ...
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I am totally agree with you Kah Ee Law . You have posted the best point of view and a healthcare professional must have attitude like this but i have given just an option if patient is real...
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Awesome topic! The comments below are really entertaining to read. We really meet a few ones with colorful complaints and it stands out among our hectic schedules. I have this funny story when I was in my surgery rotation during post-graduate interns...
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Weirdest? I'll have to excuse myself first but this is a really funny one. After doing just a simple extraction on a patient, I gave my usual postoperative instructions, which usually ends with "limit physical activity" and the patient ...
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Tahira Nawaz =) We could refer the patient to her former hospital's pharmacy, if she really insisted. But this is not the best outcome as it will somehow affect the hospital pharmacy...
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My NGO , Hospitals Beyond Boundaries, was doing free health screening for the homeless at Jalan Medan Tuanku, KL on Thursday. Worked with another group called "Need to feed the need" who helped distribute food for the unfortunates. It was r...
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Kah Ee Law such patients are very common every where and in my views each and every pharmacist would must have encountered such patients during their career. So just let them know, we have ...
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I refuse to be switched to from atorvastatin to simvastatin!

Why? It is similar. We've adjusted the dose accordingly.

No no no! This medication is prescribed by my specialist in the hospital. I want the same medication! (Repeat...
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The strangest thing I have heard the patients say is that the medical facts are the strangest thing they have heard about their health compared to the misconceptions about their health that they have gathered from hear-say and search from the self-he...
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I would like to share a recent event that took place in the clinic.
I asked her to relax and tell me what the matter was?
She said: "SEE, I HAVE ...
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My clinic is affordable for all classes.The upper class women want to Save Money & get treated Amidst workers of colony. If caught in my clinic by a Fellow Status Conscious woman,typical Reaction of Shock written on faces of both, One will say as...
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Have anyone heard of the story of inhaler and the cat?
A woman was diagnosed with asthma ever since she adopted a pet cat. She went to the doctor and told the doctor about it and she was being prescribed Salbutamol Inhaler. Few weeks later, she w...
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When I was in Private practice a few years ago in Malaysia, a 47 year old housewife came to me and said every time she had sex with her husband he would get "cuts" on his penis causing lots of pain.

Huh??? Does she have a raz...
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Well there's a lot of instances healthcare professionals have heard strange things from patients and even doctors. Maybe during that time they were confused or for whatever reasons have may affected their way of thinking. One could be that folks ...
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Day in and day out you see many patients.
Each one with mild symptoms or severe .some time it may be a fear.
One bulky illiterate woman from post Nizam's clan became my admirer.
She was exited with Carminative mixture for her gas and...
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have encountered innumerable such instances...
1) doctor: what seems to be the problem?
Patient silently stretches out leg
Doctor: could you explain to me what your experiencing?
Patient: my this leg seems weird
Doctor: how exa...
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