What is it like to be allergic to the touch of water?

What is it like to be allergic to the touch of water?

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Aquagenic urticaria affects approximately just one in 230 million individuals and its rarity poses great challenges in the search for an effective and affordable treatment.
7 Nov 2016 - General
That is true Alan Rosmadi . Unlike us, we can do and enjoy water, beaches, falls etc. how long we like. Actually, I never knew that this kind of disease ever existed. Until, i read this art...
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It is such a sad thing for this lady to be diagnosed with something that all of us have took advantaged of for years throughout our lives. We shower and drink and not thinking how precious it was, unlike Rachel Warwick who could only enjoy a shower o...
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Have you heard of a disease that being allergic to water? Yes, you read it right. Aquagenic urticaria or water allergy (being allergic to water) is a typical form of physical Hives that is caused when the person comes in contact with the water. This ...
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