WHO doubles recommended number of health visits during pregnancy

WHO doubles recommended number of health visits during pregnancy

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The World Health Organization revised guidelines on antenatal care on Monday, saying pregnant women should have twice as many contacts with health providers - eight - as it recommended previously.
8 Nov 2016 - General
Pregnancy is a major event not only for the women, but also for the family. Nowadays, no couples want to take more than one or two children usually. So, the pregnancy period is has become more important and sensitive. To have a safe pregnancy and delivery, antenatal visits are very important. Regular visit to healthcare facilities during pregnancy may reduce both antenatal and postnatal complications. WHO now recommends more visit. So they have doubled the number of recommended visits. Hopefully...
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Mark Edmon Tan I think that WHO is quick to respond to evolving needs in the light of current events and trends in late-onset maternity. Aside from the increasing number of women who choose to be pregnant at a later time, I also think that this programme has something to do with pregnancy-related complications that are associated with Zika virus. As you know, there is a worldwide problem on the spread of this vi...
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Having regular pre-natal visits to the doctor is very important to be able to monitor the well-being of both the mother and the fetus and to spot if there are problems during the course of the pregnancy so appropriate intervention can be done. I think that the WHO came up with this idea to double the recommended number of health visits during pregnancy because nowadays, more women opt to be pregnant later in life as compared to many years ago when they still chose having a family over a career. ...
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