Healthcare in PH from a fresh graduate’s point of view

Healthcare in PH from a fresh graduate’s point of view

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MIMS took the chance to talk to Dr Mikko Manalastas, the doctor who performed an emergency delivery on a backseat of a car, on his thoughts as a fresh graduate of med school.
8 Nov 2016 - General
I agree that one of the barriers to optimizing the health care system here in th Philippines is the mindset of people and the culture that cultivates such a mindset - where a person has to be “qualified” to help, like in this case, a specialist. As a young doctor, Dr. Mikko’s perspective is admirable, where he simply wanted to help.
General physicians play a great role and yes, do have unbiased opinions and can look at a case from all angles, as opposed to specialists who may only see a cas...
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Aww. I find this sad for GPs because some people in our society tend to look down on GPs. However, I agree that Filipinos should keep in mind that doctors, regardless of which school they graduated from, whether they are a specialist or otherwise , must be treated equally. And the fact that they all took and passed the same Physician Licensure Exam. They all deserve the same respect. Anyway, I can feel that Dr Mikko Manalastas is full of wisdom and has a good humour. He can manage this kind of s...
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Oh this is a different side of the famous story, it's nice. Doctors are trained to be like soldiers, I think. He said, “When the situation calls for it, you just help,” and when he was placed in that situation, even when his capacity was quickly questioned and doubted, when the couple inquired about his specialty, he proceeded to help. It is never easy to be a newly grad. I know what he means about people looking for "specialties" or "awards" or an "international cer...
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