Healthcare in PH from a fresh graduate’s point of view

Healthcare in PH from a fresh graduate’s point of view

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MIMS took the chance to talk to Dr Mikko Manalastas, the doctor who performed an emergency delivery on a backseat of a car, on his thoughts as a fresh graduate of med school.
8 Nov 2016 - General
I agree that one of the barriers to optimizing the health care system here in th Philippines is the mindset of people and the culture that cultivates such a mindset - where a person has to be “qualified” to help, like in this case, a specialist. As a...
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Aww. I find this sad for GPs because some people in our society tend to look down on GPs. However, I agree that Filipinos should keep in mind that doctors, regardless of which school they graduated from, whether they are a specialist or otherwise , m...
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Oh this is a different side of the famous story, it's nice. Doctors are trained to be like soldiers, I think. He said, “When the situation calls for it, you just help,” and when he was placed in that situation, even when his capacity was quickly ...
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Hello! We interviewed Dr Mikko Manalatas, the young doctor who conducted an emergency delivery in a backseat of a car, and asked how he sees healthcare in the Philippines.

If you have any question for hims, you can tag him in your comments. ...
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