Online tool reveals up to 100% of research trials are never disclosed

Online tool reveals up to 100% of research trials are never disclosed

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A consortium of researchers and medical journals has launched a tool in a push for more transparency from the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare organisations and research institutions.
8 Nov 2016 - General
It's good that finally someone took interest in releasing the truth behind unpublished papers. This has been a lingering problem for quite sometime now and it is bothersome to think that our "evidence-based practice" may in fact be manipulated! I am very disappointed to read that prestigious universities and institutions are involved in this controversial issue. I think an international policy has to be done in order to prevent these from happening. Of course 100% regulation of unp...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz I agree with you that this is really a serious issue. Few days back, there was a discussion in the community about the news that most of the research trials in China don't reveal the exact results. But the use of this tool will make all the scams pretty more clear. However, this will have a positive effect too. If the results are 100% original and not modified, then it will be much easy for ...
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This is really serious news. Keeping the trials and research findings secret are against the main goal of science that depends on sharing the cumulative knowledge among the scientific community. Of course there may be some explanation and excuses by the research institutes. However, hiding the research they conduct raises more questions than usual. Are these researches eligible in the first place to be published? This means the research ethics have been met or not, the study designs are reliable...
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