10 Life-Changing Haircuts

10 Life-Changing Haircuts

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A truly amazing cut will change your life: Every single outfit looks better, for starters. Amortized over even a week, the price of a haircut, even an expensive one, is a serious bargain. Compared with …
8 Nov 2016 - General
Well, now I actually have a short hair with a bangs. I can't lose my bangs since the wideness of my forehead can actually embrace the arrival of an airplane. Lol. Kidding aside. I just simply love the style of my hair. It really feels good. It makes me feel confident and beautiful. Woooah? Like Miss Universe Pia. LOL again. But yeah i am actually comfortable with it. Because if not, i guess i won't stick to this kind of hairstyle. But i would like to try long wavy hair with bangs in the ...
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