Cardiac arrest? Now there’s an app for that

Cardiac arrest? Now there’s an app for that

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If there’s a “best” place for one’s heart to stop, right outside the hospital is not a bad place to be. Even more so with the aid of two applications in Singapore and Washington.
8 Nov 2016 - General
Mark Edmon Tan time is really of the essence and every minute really does count. I have experience with using our 911 hotline and the response is pretty good if not great. It wasn't for medical services but for a fire and although the center is in Manila they were quick to alert our local responders. I am pretty impressed. Traffic situation in your area is definitely bad and that needs to resolved if we want ...
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Jennifer Winter Time is of the essence for those who have myocardial infarction especially for invasive procedures. This application is commendable as it can potentially save thousands of lives. Using the app prompts an immediate response without having to talk to answering machines. It is annoying that ambulance conduction service hotlines here take time before an actual human being answers the phone. Medical em...
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Of course there is an app for everything :) I am glad about the great variety of apps available in the market that are aimed towards improving health. Cardiac arrest patient's prognosis improves significantly if time is taken into account. The faster the response the greater chance of survival. It is good that the older population is getting into the trend of using technology as it is something they are quite resistant to. Though the age of cardiac arrests has decreased over the years the hi...
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