New Delhi's Air Is Now So Toxic, Schools Are Closing and Expats Are Fleeing

New Delhi's Air Is Now So Toxic, Schools Are Closing and Expats Are Fleeing

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The Indian government has declared a national emergency, as air pollution in its capital, New Delhi, has reached levels more than 16 times the safe limit.
8 Nov 2016 - General
@rajinda I have seen on the internet that china experienced this multiple times in the past several years. There are actually images you can see when you type air pollution in china and search on google images. This is something scientists have predicted long back, and as you said can't believe that it is happening too early. The industrial development that we are experiencing is too harmful for the environment, that even before know it we will all be covered in a thick mist of toxic fume ki...
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Well. This is the first time I have heard a news like this. But this was the thing we were expecting to be happen in the near future. But I never expected this to be happen so early. Anyway what you do comes back to you. So humans should take the responsibility for what humans experience now. The gases the vehicles expel and the industrial out put are the main causes for air pollution. And depletion of the green cover of the world causes increased carbon dioxide in the air leading the green hous...
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Anyone here in the community from new Delhi that can confirm this news? Apparently the air pollution in the city has become so severe to the point that the government has called it a national emergency. "Pollution has increased to an extent that outdoors in Delhi are resembling a gas chamber," That is pretty serious! I don't think this is a problem limited to Delhi. The atmosphere is becoming polluted at a very rapid rate that if the governments do not make an active attempt to ha...
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