Philippines at risk of ‘full-blown’ HIV epidemic

Philippines at risk of ‘full-blown’ HIV epidemic

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So why has the government cut funding for contraception? asks Iris Gonzales.
9 Nov 2016 - General
Marinelle Castro It is. The rise in incidence of staggering cases is staggering. I remember attending a lecture last week about the statistics of HIV infection until June 2016 and the results were quite alarming. The presenter mentioned that most people do not like to get screened even if it is free and secluded (they have satellite clinics). The main reason for not having oneself checked is the fear of social os...
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Mark Edmon Tan HIV infection in the country is a real problem. I agree with what was mentioned in the article. A lot of these immunocompromised patients present with exotic brain abscesses and tumors. The presentation is almost always atypical so it can also present as a diagnostic challenge. Thankfully the treatment for HIV infection has progressed and a lot of patients are still functional as long as they are ...
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Posting this article to raise awareness regarding this rapidly progressing medical problem in our society and the world today. I would just like to reiterate that the number of individuals with HIV newly diagnosed per day rose to 22 last year, from just one in 2008. This is how serious this disease has become and I know that our government has been doing its share to contain this. Our local health centers would automatically screen for HIV once a patient is diagnosed with tuberculosis then if pr...
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