Professional responsibilities: How it does it differ between Singapore and other countries

Professional responsibilities: How it does it differ between Singapore and other countries

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Pharmacy is a dynamic and growing profession. As pharmacists continue to strive for excellence in the profession, it is interesting to see how pharmacy practices differs between Singapore and some other countries.
9 Nov 2016 - General
Heena Pohani thank you for sharing this article to be discussed, it great to know the pharmacist occupations in different country, UAE system is the same system of most Arab countries and I'm happy to know how it works in Singapore.
The occupation of pharamacist should take it's rights all over the world, its role can't be neglected and it integrates the work of physicians of different fields.
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Compared to other countries like Australia and Sweden and of course the US, I think the pharmacy practice in Asian countries is lagging behind. I’m sure that Singapore and other nearby countries are progressing toward a more efficient pharmacy practice within the health care system. In other Asian countries, however, there is a need to re-evaluate and improve how the pharmacy practice is done. In our country, the Philippines, there are regulations in place, however, not all pharmacies (like the ...
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Dear Henna, field of pharma evolved from churnas,kashayas and gulukas preparation to regulatory pharmacist due to a vast development in medicine and pharmaceutical research continue to strive for excellence. This article states UAE have to strengthen pharmacist further and career options are wider in developing countries. Coming to India also some what good for career selection from hospital pharmacist, Drugs inspector, Drug analyst, manufacturing, Qaliy. Control, Research and development, regul...
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It is a very informative article for the pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. The way of practicing in three different countries- UAE, Australia, and Sweden are mentioned in comparison with that of Singapore. The healthcare system and its working mechanism are quite effective in Singapore. I would like to add that many of the European countries follow a somewhat structure like that in Sweden. In Netherlands, there are pharmacy stores called Apotheek and one has to register with a doct...
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