6 horrifying and weird medieval medical practices

6 horrifying and weird medieval medical practices

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During the medieval period, medicine was extremely basic, crude, and often painful.
9 Nov 2016 - General
Now that was a very interesting read indeed. I was half thinking something more gory for the psychiatric patients as I remember learning about trepenation where boring holes in the skull will allow the release of the evil spirits. St Paul's potio...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz Thank you for posting this topic. It a bit funny article for me. The medieval practice of tooth-man is a situation in which I can't imagine myself. Thank god, that the...
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During the medieval age, the constant fighting meant that surgeons' skills were much in demand. They were rather called barber-surgeons. They realised how to use wine as an antiseptic, and they used natural substances as anaesthetics. However, t...
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