6 horrifying and weird medieval medical practices

6 horrifying and weird medieval medical practices

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During the medieval period, medicine was extremely basic, crude, and often painful.
9 Nov 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz Thank you for posting this topic. It a bit funny article for me. The medieval practice of tooth-man is a situation in which I can't imagine myself. Thank god, that there are well-established clinics today. Also, I think the medieval practices may have varied according to regional and cultural sectors. Medicine has emerged very vastly due to the developments in research, science and technolog...
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During the medieval age, the constant fighting meant that surgeons' skills were much in demand. They were rather called barber-surgeons. They realised how to use wine as an antiseptic, and they used natural substances as anaesthetics. However, they still had no idea that dirt carried disease, and most operations of that time, if carried out today, would end in a suit for criminal negligence. Perhaps as a result, surgery actually progressed in Medieval times. I guess medieval psychiatry woul...
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