2016 Wellness Trends

2016 Wellness Trends

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From seaweed salads to intensive workout programs, these are the top 16 health, fitness, and nutrition trends we'll all be talking about in 2016.
10 Nov 2016 - General
Alan Rosmadi 2016 has been a glorious year for the field of fitness. We are now focusing more on preventive management of our aging bodies by making more sensible choices and regularly clearing our minds through the help of exercise. I agree with you in saying that performing HIIT is really effective in training both the muscular and cardiovascular system. Moreover, HIIT can be performed anywhere from hotel rooms...
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Thanks for the update on wellness trends in 2016. I would like to say that all the trending things mentioned here are mostly for your health benefits and it relies on healthy food and living. I specifically want to point out that intensive training has been an in thing right now due to the on going trends and feedback the society has heard about the program. This training not only helps you lose weight in a shorter period of time but also allows you builds and tone muscles which were less conce...
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Sharing with you this particular article posted last year that targets fitness goals in society. As this year comes to a close, i think it’s time to re-asses whether any of these trends held true or were effective in promoting a favorable lifestyle. In my opinion, the "Matcha Everything" was a total hit in the Philippines. Kudos to the writer for a doing good research and making that prediction. So for the MIMS Community what do you think are the questionable health trends you would li...
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