Men Can Also Get Osteoporosis - NDTV Food

Men Can Also Get Osteoporosis - NDTV Food

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Long thought to be a "women's disease", osteoporosis can affect men too because apart from the hormonal changes around menopause, factors such as low testosterone levels, sedentary lifestyle choices, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking or tobacco-use can also contribute to the disease, health experts suggest.
10 Nov 2016 - General
Osteoporosis is most commonly thought of as a woman's disease which she experiences after the onset of menopause. The truth is, men are equally susceptible to acquiring this disease. Studies have shown that the leading cause of osteoporosis is men is testosterone deficiency so anyone with hormonal imbalance as a result of aging or an endocrine problem should also be evaluated for this bone disease. Moreover, prolonged exposure to steroids, chronic disease and lifestyle habits such as smokin...
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