How can dentists endear themselves to children?

How can dentists endear themselves to children?

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Dental fear is a common problem in pediatric dentistry, with even the mere thought of visiting a dentist causing panic to set in children. Here's how dentists can be somewhat more endearing to children.
10 Nov 2016 - General
I always urge parents to bring their children to the dentist early. To bring them as "their companions" before they are taken in as patients. And I always want to begin with just us talking, counting teeth and being friendly. Unfortunately, that is my perfect world and sometimes parents fail to prepare children for dental visits and we have to deal with this. It really depends on the patients. Some children could be played with, some children you just have to be honest with and some pa...
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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta you are brave enough, just I guessed. Many children and adult afraid of dental problems that doctor extract teeth. so they avoid to visit. During time course tooth decay increases and pain also increases. At last they goes to doctor, then nothing to do he will extract it. Why you went to doctor for reward or its your bravery. Just kidding. Thanking you for sharing your childhood memories with ...
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Way back then, i am glad to share that i am not that afraid with dentist. Lol. I do have my braces at young age and i conquered the pain during the duration of having it. I guess my parents gives a big factor why i don't or lets say lesser fear with dentist. Because everytime we had a session with my dentist and when i successfully conquer it, my parents always give me a reward. Which is really attractive for young people. By that time, i am always looking forward for my reward. Until such t...
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