MOH: 150 specialists leave public sector in Malaysia every year

MOH: 150 specialists leave public sector in Malaysia every year

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The high rate of specialists leaving the public sector raises concerns for the shortage of specialists to cater for the increased demand of public healthcare services.
10 Nov 2016 - General
I am one of the 128 specialists who resigned earlier this year.

This is not the first time that the ministry of health has blamed the `pull factor’ or `money factor’ of private practice as the cause of why senior doctors leave the public sector. Although I do not deny that monetary gain is an attractive incentive, it is not the main reason why senior doctors leave. Senior doctors leave because Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia does not look after its staff!!!

1. Kementerian Kesi...
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Arvinder Singh Dear Dr.Aravinder singh, from past 5 years 100 doctors leaving and now MOH woke up and it shows MOH interest on doctors and public health. MOH have to know about Why leaving MOH instead of how to not to leave means Identifying cause have to do first. They should implement deficient deals for HCPs. I think MOH lost all top doctors who are migrating to private sector. MOH delayed to retain employe...
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Madhubabu kaaja it is surprising that the ministry of health know the problem that 150 specialists leaving the governmental sector and they have the ability to keep them and they don't take an action.
No one in any work field will accept to work if he feels that he is less estimated and the system is making the situation harder.
Changing the roles and give promotions to doctors or even give them the op...
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Tahira Nawaz yes, MOH is trying to retain HCPs as because there is more need in developed countries in future about which we have discussed in our previous discussions. It will take to balance doctor-patient ratio as MOH commited to increase doctor numbers. Doctors left due to as you told low pays, high work burden and promotion issues. I hope the recession will disappear soon. Thanking you for your comments on ...
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It is not a good sign that 150 medical specialists from government sector have resigned from the Health Ministry every year in Malaysia. The reason behind is the lack of prospects for promotion and progress in their career but now MOH is putting efforts to retain the medical specialists in the government sector. The introduction of schemes such as Full Paying Patient (FPP) scheme will help out the issues such as late promotions and other differences in income between a medical specialist in gove...
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