Wireless Brain Implant Helped Paralyzed Monkey To Walk

Wireless Brain Implant Helped Paralyzed Monkey To Walk

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Scientists have helped monkeys with spinal cord injuries regain control of non-functioning limbs in research which might one day lead to paralyzed people being able to walk again. Swiss researchers travellled to China to conduct
10 Nov 2016 - General
Wow!!! This is amazing! I mean this may be a long way from true success, but who knows, the research may be on its way to being applied to humans and so allow those who have been paralyzed to finally walk or move again. Nerve injury has always been a catastrophy for a lot of people. It changes people's lives and puts them in such a bad place, and who knew, right? They have been trying so hard to find a way to repair damaged nerves, to no avail. I am very excited to see how this goes... This ...
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This is an amazing invention made for the paralyzed monkey but would it be ideal to be used on a human being? Spinal cord injuries has made many paralyzed and unable to carry on with their normal lives - losing their job and some even losing their family. I only wish that they can improve on the efficacy of the product and make some amendments so that it can be used on humans. Although it may work for humans, what would it cost them? Things like this does not come cheap and i hope they would not...
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Wow, This is big news indeed. Although the efficacy might not be ideal yet, the idea itself of bypassing the spinal injury is for sure game changing. This is another achievement in rapidly developing field of technological treatments for spinal cord damage. However, this kind of work cannot be pursued in people without testing in other primates first. The brain recording and the stimulation of the spinal cord involve devices that are already in use in humans for other purposes. Only the brain de...
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Well, if it worked in a monkey there is a very high chance that it will be helpful in humans, because humans and other apes share similar characteristics in terms of anatomy and physiology. This is the result of research that has been conducted for decades, but in the end we are seeing the fruits of the hard work of these scientists. For a person who is bedridden following a spinal cord laceration, getting back on their feet is a dream. This new technology can be the next new frontier in treatme...
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