How to deal with a medical emergency on the Space Station - BBC News

How to deal with a medical emergency on the Space Station - BBC News

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A major medical emergency has never occurred on the International Space Station - but what would happen if it did?
10 Nov 2016 - General
Theekshana Abayawickrama , Alan Rosmadi , thank you for your opinions. I agree that NASA makes sure that the astronauts sent for a space mission are medically fit and this minimizes the chance of a medical emergency in space to a great degree. However, an emergency situation can arise anytime and even astronauts should be ready for...
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International space station is definitely a remote location where it is hard to have access to medical facilities and get medical treatment. It is good to know that the astronauts are trained in some way to operate medical equipment and attend to minor medical emergencies. I have been working in remote locations for 3 years now and i realize how important it is to have a medical personnel in such locations. Although without a doctor on site, certain things can be done until the patient is stabil...
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I think NASA does a thorough physical checkup and a comprehensive investigation profile for all astronauts before they are allowed on board any spacecraft. So before they get on a shuttle, they know that the likelihood of one of them developing a medical emergency is very little. But as you said, anything can happen any moment. And space is the last place one would want to be when they develop a myocardial infarction, or an anaphylactic reaction. So in my opinion, thorough screening and identify...
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We as healthcare professionals are trained for the medical emergencies that we can face in daily situations. The incidence of a medical emergency in space is rare, but what if it does occur? What if like the movie "Martians," a man is left behind in the space and has some medical problem? I feel this is an interesting topic to think about! Till now the best method proposed is to safely return the individual to earth within 3 and a half hours. Also, astronauts are given training of some...
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