Alcohol damages to fetus measured by new blood test!

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10 Nov 2016 - General

Alcohol affects each and every aspect of the life. The trend of women having alcohol is truly high in the recent times. The effects to a developing fetus is difficult to measure or predict. But early interventions can prevent the damage it can cause. Some of the researchers from USA and Ukraine have joined together and designed a new blood test to solve for this problem. There is a known change of small RNA molecules which is known as micro RNA in early pregnancies because of the alcohol consumption. This new blood test will detect these levels and it will help to prevent the manifestations of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Yes indeed. Thanks for commenting and sharing your ideas with this. It is really a disaster women getting into drinking. Have a drink at a social event can be acceptable but getting addicted to it is really not acceptable. Once a girl starts to drink in the eraly life she continues it into the later life almost of the time and once she gets pregnant also she would continue it. As you have said fetal alcohol syndrome brings out dangerous life threatening complications. So they must be educated ab...
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As a matter of fact, pregnant women are strongly urged not to drink alcohol at all during pregnancy. Drinking alcohol while pregnant has been proved to cause harm to a baby as it develops intrauterine. The new screening tool aims mainly for those pregnant women who discovered their pregnancies accidentally while they were still drinking alcohol. Although the fetal defects that may be detected are usually permanent, It would be helpful to assess the fetal condition and control any further complic...
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