Practical tips for nurses: Dressing for the shift

Practical tips for nurses: Dressing for the shift

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When you are a nurse, comfortably moving around without tripping or minding a tight spot on your clothes is imperative. The scrubs you wear, the shoes you choose, and even your hairstyle all play a part in how well you’re bound to work your shift. So how then, do you make sure you are comfortably dressed while at work?
11 Nov 2016 - General
I believe in dressing for comfort, for nurses, even for doctors. Nurses should wear clothing does is not restrictive to movement and function. They should also refrain from wear uncomfortable or unsafe shoes, to avoid accidents because of slippery or unstable shoes. For myself, I do not really like scrub because they're boring. But I wear a scrub top over my clothes when I am doing surgery because it can be bloody and I don't want splatter on my white coat. As for footwear, I almost alwa...
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I have only donned my nurse uniform for a year when i started my career. After that first year is all scrubs. I love scrubs. They are comfortable, durable and not washed by us. LOL! The daily routine in the emergency department varies and differs from day to day. The reason being why we are wearing scrubs is because we are the first contact of patients. They could be coming in clean, dirty or full of blood. I attended to one murder case where the patient was stabbed and was brought in covered in...
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The way a nurse may dress may differ from every instution that allows them to look that way. In our institution we still do practice the traditional nursing attire white duty uniform with the nurses cap for the floor and wards, being on scrubs designed by the hospital for special areas. Our hair are neatly bun and hair colors aren't allowed. Nail polish and heavy make up isn't allowed too. As for the shoes, running shoes would be the best fit for me. As what I can observe from most of t...
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