What does a Trump presidency mean for pharmaceutical prices?

What does a Trump presidency mean for pharmaceutical prices?

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Quite unexpectedly, Donald Trump has ascended into the White House. The Trump era will most likely see a tornado of changes, but what does it mean for the pharmaceutical industry?
11 Nov 2016 - General
Madhubabu kaaja it is a great article to be discussed, I don't care who won the elections or what is his history or lifestyle what I care about is implementing what he promised people how elect him, not just a sweet talks and dishonest promises.
Trying to ease the life circumstances of people and the availability of their needs with reasonable prices should be a priority ensuring that people life is within...
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As doctor and also a consumer/patient, from time-to-time, my priority will be the patients and not the pharmaceutical companies. My hope is that affordable medication be made available for patients (or included in their insurance). For me, they're the priority because many of these pharmaceuticals are fueled with greed and are pricing their medicines so high. So for me, I hope that for the patients' sake, that Trump would not side with the pharmaceuticals and think about the people who e...
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