7 Evidence-Based Ways to Prevent Hangovers

7 Evidence-Based Ways to Prevent Hangovers

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Most hangover cures are unproven, with a few exceptions. Here are 7 ways to prevent hangovers that have shown potential in scientific studies.
11 Nov 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto Haha! The most effective way of beating a hangover is prevent intoxication. That is very professional of you to hold off on drinks the night before performing a proce...
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LOL on #1... or don't drink at all. Best way to prevent a hangover is really to not drink anything at all. Hahaha! This started so funny. I don't know about the healthy breakfast because whenever I have a really bad hangover I cannot eat a th...
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It's the freakin' weekend everyone! Our most favorite time of the week where we can unwind, relax and (momentarily) forget about our problems at work. Everyone needs a break from time to time. So before we pop the beers and let loose, I am re...
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