7 Common Causes of Back Pain and Easy Solutions

7 Common Causes of Back Pain and Easy Solutions

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Common causes and helpful solutions and easy exercises for both chronic and acute back pain.
11 Nov 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Poor posture indeed is the biggest backbreaker. Biomechanics of practicing our craft should also be taught in healthcare cause because we compromise our health while performing procedures. Dentists in our institution also have the same dilemma and it includes wrist problems too. It stems from the fact that two patients with same problem or concern will re...
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Backbreaker: Being a dentist. I also have neck, head and backaches. The position we take when we're working on patients is often torturous to the body, so when we've had a long day or a long week of patients, it can really be bad. I'm very much used to having all kinds of body pains. When I get a massage, the therapist can't believe it's too "tensed". Oh well, life. I often use the medicated pad/strips and the oil version of it. I wear the strip on the area of the n...
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Backaches are among the most commonly encountered muscle pains of people who belong to the working class. But often times, we neglect it and delay treatment for another day until it become too bothersome to bear. In my clinical practice, I would always advise my patients to maintain a good posture which does not put too much stress on their lower backs. Doing this is an effective means of reducing back pain. Getting a back massage from time to time is also good because it relieves tired and taut...
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