PCPM, Ateneo launch pharmaceutical medicine diploma course

PCPM, Ateneo launch pharmaceutical medicine diploma course

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The Philippine College of Pharmaceutical Medicine (PCPM), in collaboration with the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education (CCE), recently mounted the first pharmaceutical medicine course in the Philippines, titled “PCPM-Ateneo CCE Diploma on Pharmaceutical Medicine and Management (DPMM).” The six-month-long program completed its pilot run from April to September of 2016.
11 Nov 2016 - General
Wow, this is new! Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan I was not aware of the term "Pharmaceutical Medicine" until I read this article. I think the course is veered towards honing research skills when it comes to therapeutic trials and the like. Although, we have research subjects in pre-med and medical school, we did not have adequate exposure to conducting drug trials. I looked into the website link provided i...
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I was curious when I read this news article as to the opening of this diploma course, and I was wondering “What exactly is pharmaceutical medicine?” as it seemed like a new phrase to me. Turns out that this course is for medical professionals and even other health care providers who are interested to know more about how medicines are developed, from research until their clinical testing and approval for the public’s use. I think it’s also a good diploma for those interested to further their care...
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