9 things nurses wish patients would stop doing

9 things nurses wish patients would stop doing

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There are many things nurses wish to tell their patients but never did to let them have a better overall experience. However, here are a few major bad habits that nurses wish patients will stop doing.
11 Nov 2016 - General
What the? Where in the world that this article placed the misuse and over usage of the call bell at the number one spot?! Haha. Well oh well, yes if only they knew that call bells are for emergency purposes. I can greatly attest that as much as possible we would like to give the response and attention they needed right after calling for us, it is unavoidable that there will be good days and bad days. We always act accordingly to the severity of the attention needed. They are just patients needed...
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This article says it all! I can't even agree more! It just happened that i have experienced most of the list that has been mentioned in the article. So, I was assigned in a private room area. It means that i got a lot of patients and they are located in different places. Actually, It needs a lot of patience when you are about to encounter this kind of situation especially when you are dealing with the patients and significant others. They tend to forgot and sometimes, overuse the function of...
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It's hard to be a nurse and I'm sure they have a longer list than this, but it's funny how the use of the bell is on the top of this list--twice. Using it too much and not using it at all, it must really upset nurses sometimes. With the "too many visitors", sometimes you cannot help it when people decide to come at the same time and it's crazy in the room. But usually when the nurse arrives, or the doctor, we'd come out. I think it should be automatic for visitors/...
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Nurses are on the frontline in dealing with patients and they are more prone to suffer the multiple issues regarding patients and their attitude toward nurses. In my views, nurses should set few rules that must be demonstrated to each and every patient in order to maintain the good environment at the hospital. In this way, it will be beneficial for both patients and nurses. Few habits irritate nurses a lot including overusing of call bell or not using call bell, not asking right questions, lying...
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