Top 10 Health Benefits of Avocado

Top 10 Health Benefits of Avocado

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Avocados have amazing health benefits. Here's how to lose weight, improve your skin, lower your risk of serious diseases and much more by eating avocado.
11 Nov 2016 - General
Rajinda Asalage It is funny how old people think it is a bad fruit in the Philippines. They say it is loaded with cholesterol and fats. If they only knew that avocado is the exact opposite, they would be consuming this wonder fruit religiously. Avocados are really good for the health because it contains heart-friendly monounsaturated fat. Unlike other food that is good for the health but is undesirable in the tas...
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We all know that avocardo is a health friendly food anyone can have. It is a very safe fruit for those who are with high blood pressure impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol levels in the blood. It is very safe for pregnant mothers as well. It is rich of phosphorous and helps to prevent or delay osteoporosis. It has an anti oxidant effect and so it boosts immunity system too.It facilitates digestion and helps to maintain good health for skin and muscles as well. It...
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Madhubabu kaaja I encourage you to try one. For starters, you can take it as a dessert. Mash the avocado with milk and sugar and freeze them. It is a fast and healthy 3-ingredient substitute for ice cream for a healthier after-meal treat. Avocados can also be mashed and used as substitute dressing for mayonnaise. I swear it goes well with tuna when making a sandwich. By the way, the article was spot on in saying t...
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I'm not sure if it's in season but avocado is one of my favorite fruits of all time. Aside from the fact that its is very nutritious, it looks and tastes good too! I especially like cutting it in cubes and adding condensed milk on top or whipping a milkshake out of it. Wow, just the thought of it makes me so hungry. It is highly rich in mono-unsaturated fat which is good for our heart. Moreover, it is known to raise HDL levels, the good cholesterol. It also contains lots of fiber which k...
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