Healthcare professionals: Alternatives to medical books for leisure reading

Healthcare professionals: Alternatives to medical books for leisure reading

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While the benefits of reading are numerous, often there is not enough time to search the entire library for a book that you like. With the hectic working schedule healthcare professionals need to work with, it is also difficult to find time to sit down and read a good book. Therefore, when you do find the time, it is important to not waste it on a book that does not suit you.
11 Nov 2016 - General
I definitely love to read fiction books especially high fantasy like Lord of the Rings. I do as well enjoy books by Mitch Albom which brings me to a comment in the article where it mentioned his book. It is not "Tuesdays with Morris". It's "Tuesdays with Morrie". That is a really good book as it talks about Mitch Albom's experience with his old professor who was dying from ALS/ Lou Gehrig's disease. Other good Mitch Albom books are "The fiver people you meet...
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:) No doubt some non- medical books should be read beside medical textbooks. But the reality is different. Medical students go through a vast syllabus. They have to read a lot of book. Along with the must read textbooks, there are a lot of extra books for them. I am agreed with @[ Mahmoud AbdelAziz] , after reading a lot of books, they don't want to read more at leisure. They better try to use the leisure periods in other ways. However, I love to read some non medical books when get time. I...
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After the long years -doctors spend to graduate and be able to practice the profession at last- many find themselves not interested in reading anymore. Perhaps this is due to the huge load of information we have to stick in our memories that leave us with urging need to give our minds and eyes a break from reading. However, it doesn’t take long till we feel in need to have an exciting book or story to read and live the suspense. Besides the amazing suggestions in the article, I personally love t...
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