The 10 Best Places in the World Spend New Year’s Eve!

The 10 Best Places in the World Spend New Year’s Eve!

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New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and you will want to find the perfect place to share this special time with your loved ones.
11 Nov 2016 - General
It has already been 11 months, and it is like yesterday that we celebrated the dawn of 2016. But the time has flew away, and we are at the doorstep of the new year 2017. New year celebrations are really marvelous around the world, because people of all nationalities, religions and societies celebrate this day as one. I would rather spend the 31st night at the comfort of my couch at home, but these 10 destinations that you have shared are really amazing. I wish I had the time to go visit one of t...
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The best time of the year is near and everyone has started planning where they would like to enjoy the new year. This article shares some of the best places in the world to enjoy the new year. With New York on the top of the list, there are other cities like Sydney, London, Edinburgh, Berlin where one can enjoy the fireworks, the cultural festivities and other special events like musical parties at the time of the New Year. Watching the fireworks on television and that witnessing in reality is a...
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