NHMS: Mental health patients in Malaysia have doubled over ten years

NHMS: Mental health patients in Malaysia have doubled over ten years

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Parallel to the increasing global trend of mental health issues, the survey revealed that more Malaysians are suffering from poor mental health, which may worsen with alcohol and drug abuse.
12 Nov 2016 - General
According to my view for someone who have got a chance to choose a disease to have, it is better to have a physical illness than a mental illness. At least the particular person would have an insight. With the evolution and the tuning of the lives into a busy style, the prevalence of the mental illnesses have become really high and significant because the work place stress has become a major reason of triggering these mental illnesses. So not only in Malaysia, but in Sri Lanka too there is a rec...
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Although the numbers may sound alarming, the Malaysian trend is not isolated from the global rising rates in mental health problems. All over the world, more and more patients are diagnosed every day. The striking feature that must be addressed clearly is the patients’ need for help. Psychiatric support is mandatory to control the condition and stop its progression at least. Mental illness is expected to be the second highest form of health problem affecting Malaysians after heart disease by 20...
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