Making individuals more accountable for their process of ageing

Making individuals more accountable for their process of ageing

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Governmental effort has been implemented to deal with the inevitable ageing populations of Singapore and Malaysia, but research shows that individuals can play a part too.
12 Nov 2016 - General
Dear Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan, you posted a value point many of them caring and thinking about health at they are 50 and some not at all caring until they got diseased. If every body mai...
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I agree that its time people be more accountable for their own health, as well as their own aging. Though aging is inevitable, there are ways that people can age more gracefully and healthily. I also think that what has to be emphasized is that we ha...
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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta the difference in lifestyle between ancient and new generation trending to reduced life span and prone to diseases as per my view. But it is our responsibility to take ...
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Since ancient times, people have been concerned with developing and preserving youthful vigour, stopping the progressing age clock, and extending their lifespan. However, Age is inevitable and Aging is not. This is the sad fact that all of us can'...
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