Crime Scene: Late Night Snake Attack

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12 Nov 2016 - General

The other night as I was getting ready to get to bed, I heard a loud bang coming from outside. My bed faces the window and from it I saw the street lamp flicker as the sound went, and I panicked. My mom who heard it too, came out of her room and we proceeded to inspect what had happened. We were in the terrace, looking into the street, and she asked "Is that a snake?", but I couldn't see it clearly so I took my eyeglasses and lo and behold, there it was coiled and lying on the street. 

We called the village security to report. Apparently, the snake tripped the electricity and a lot of people had lost power in the houses. They killed the snake, got rid of it and left our street. We were all supposed to go back to sleep, but I coudn't. In my mind I couldn't shake the thought of snakes crawling on the electrical wire and just falling down. Imagine that? Snakes falling from the sky--- waaaaaaah!

Anyway, the next day an earthquake hit several parts of Metro Manila and I remembered how they said that snakes come out of the ground before an earthquake hits. Several snake sightings have been reported before the quake and now I'm wondering--- was that it or are we supposed to brace ourselves for a larger one? 

We have been told to be wary of an big quake. We have earthquake drills and go bags prepared. Anyway, what are your thoughts about this?

I think Manny Pacquiao has went through a few earthquake preparations and DOs and DON'Ts during an earthquake. Do have grab bags with necessary supplies and hide under a stable furniture if available - for protection from falling objects. I am not sure about snake sneaking out the night before an earthquake but it sure sound scary. The snake that was killed in your hometown was the unlucky ones. But what about those that you did not see or noticed. Where could it have been hiding now? At thi...
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