3 open access journal resources that healthcare professionals should explore

3 open access journal resources that healthcare professionals should explore

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It's unfortunately common to run into financial barriers when healthcare professionals want to subscribe to top medical journals, as they require paid subscription. In order to overcome this issue, there has been an initiative to provide free platforms that allow high quality research articles to be available to the public. Such journals are known as Open Access (OA) journals, which are basically journals that can be accessed online by readers without any payment required. Here are three that every HCP should explore.
12 Nov 2016 - General
Tahira Nawaz Your post could not have come at a more exact time. Thanking you for sharing the sites of 3 open access journals. I am currently doing my research paper and this will be truly of great help. Like everyone has mentioned, PubMed and EBSCO are also good choices but some journals are not for free access. Another tip would be to send the author an email stating that you want to use his/her journal for cit...
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Tahira Nawaz we used to refer open journals for reference purpose only but we refer patents rather than journals. But in my college days for research and reference for project work we used to refer open access journals rather than paid site journals like Sciencedirect and Elsevier. I am familiar with BMJ among all listed. This journals are better than compared to information from general sites and accuracy is mor...
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Thanks for sharing this article Tahira Nawaz In the advent of evidence-based medicine, it is definitely essential for healthcare providers to be able to access peer-reviewed articles. I usually use PubMed when looking for journal articles. The downside of using PubMed is that not all journals are open access. One has to select PMC articles to make sure that its open access. Nevertheless, I still frequently use ...
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An informative article that is providing information regarding good sources of medical knowledge for all health care professionals. BMJ Open offers readers free access to high quality research about clinical practice, science, health policy, medical education, healthcare delivery and research methodology. PLOS Medicine is a peer-reviewed open-access journal that contains useful, high-quality material for healthcare practitioners, researchers and policy makers. Founded in 2000, BioMed Central is ...
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