Morning Hacks for When You Can't Shower | Reader's Digest

Morning Hacks for When You Can't Shower | Reader's Digest

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For mornings when there's no time to shower, use these household items strategically to make it look—and smell—like you did
12 Nov 2016 - General
Theekshana Abayawickrama In the Philippines, most of us need to shower because the humid weather really makes one feel oily especially in the hospital. I do the same as Jennifer Winter in waking up early to make time for shower, even just a quick shower. Taking a bath also enables one to overcome slow motor dexterity better than mo...
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In light of not wanting to over share but funky shoe smell is an issue haha. Good to know about spraying tea tree oil. Now I just need to know if that would cause any damage to my shoes. I read before about putting baby powder through your hair to remove greasiness. I tried that out back in high school and I am telling you all now, if you don't want to look like you are trying to pull of a senile look don't do this. Dry shampoo on the other hand is something I would be willing to try out...
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"No Time to Shower?"I don't have to say that this is common to many of our fellow healthcare workers. I have had days where I did not have time to comb my hair before running to the ward to see a patient having a medical emergency. So a shower is something that we frequently miss in our routine. These tips may sound ridiculous. For example, baby wipes. Imagine taking one of these out from you pocket at the hospital! But they actually can come in very handy when you miss your shower...
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