Vitamin D may increase the survival rate of breast cancer!

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12 Nov 2016 - General

Breast cancer is the most common cancer type in women and the later stages of the disease is really bad because the rich lymphatic system of the breast tissue leads quick spread of the secondaries to the distal sites making the prognosis of the patient bad. Previous research has found that vitamin D has an positive effect on anti cancer treatment and a new study conducted by Ana Sandoiu reveals that there is a good survival rate for the breast cancers with the treatment of vitamin D. Yet the mechanism is not clear, this might be a good news as breast cancers are much common in women. 

It is good to see about Vitamin D in the role of prevention of breast cancer even though mechanism of action not known. Women with high vitamin D blood levels found to have high survival rates in breast cancer. Vitamin D associated with bone formatio...
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