HEALTH AND CARE: How to stay well this winter

HEALTH AND CARE: How to stay well this winter

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Winter can be seriously bad for our health, especially for people aged over 65 and those with long term health conditions.
13 Nov 2016 - General
DrMark Edmon Tan , i am recovered and i am able to concentrate on my regular work now. I do wash my hands and taking plenty water to compensate fluid loss. As you told upper RTI infections are more common in this season. We, adults are ok and can manageable but children struggles a lot. But as you told it is preventable to some extent. I request to all people to follow tips to maintain good health in winter seas...
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Hmm, a timely discussion. The winter is just at the beginning only. The original attack of winter is yet to come. But the health problems associated with winter has already started. I am getting a significant number patients with upper respiratory tract infection for last two weeks. Mostly the childrens are being affected by RTIs. I am thinking what will happen after one month, when the winter will come with its full strength. However, if we be careful, there is nothing to worry. Avoid exposure ...
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Madhubabu kaaja I hope all is well with you. Colds may sound benign but it really takes a toll on the body. It seems like the link needs member subscription for the tips to flash. Anyway, we don't have winter in the Philippines but the draft is colder now. The most common illnesses are the communicable upper respiratory tract illnesses. Be it viral or bacterial, both can really be debilitating enough to cause ...
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