HEALTH AND CARE: How to stay well this winter

HEALTH AND CARE: How to stay well this winter

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Winter can be seriously bad for our health, especially for people aged over 65 and those with long term health conditions.
13 Nov 2016 - General
Dr.Md Shamim Reza, winter season and season associated disorders started. I think your hospital floated with cold and flues. As you told children are more prone to cold and winter diseases ...
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DrMark Edmon Tan , i am recovered and i am able to concentrate on my regular work now. I do wash my hands and taking plenty water to compensate fluid loss. As you told upper RTI infections...
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Hmm, a timely discussion. The winter is just at the beginning only. The original attack of winter is yet to come. But the health problems associated with winter has already started. I am getting a significant number patients with upper respiratory tr...
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Madhubabu kaaja I hope all is well with you. Colds may sound benign but it really takes a toll on the body. It seems like the link needs member subscription for the tips to flash. Anyway, we...
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