Mismatch in expectations and reality of cancer patients in clinical drug trials

Mismatch in expectations and reality of cancer patients in clinical drug trials

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Expectations of cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials need to be better managed, according to a study that highlights the vulnerability of this group of patients.
13 Nov 2016 - General
Maria Cristina Inserto I am positive to your views, as you told hope holding them an binding them for clinical trials. Nobody can guarantee for cure or an adverse event free and some times situation may worsen, but patients are entering into trial with a hope as no treatment availability. The end days are inevitable and undetectable. Don t worry in thinking about end days. Just close your eyes, your mom is always...
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Life is a very lucrative luxury and everyone tries their best to hold on to it, mostly because they are attached to the different aspects of their earthly existence---wealth, family, friends, career. Many cancer patients give in to trials because they're on their way out anyway, who knows right? But the thing is, sometimes they begin to hope and then it all goes downhill. It's even more difficult when doctors make the mistake of promising the moon and stars. Anyway, after the whole ordea...
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Mark Edmon Tan For ethical reasons we can not conduct clinical trials on healthy volunteers and with a hope of at least cancer patient can benefited with investigational drug. Healthy volunteers are now being included in anticancer trials due to availability of non-cytotoxic anticancer drugs having considerably lower toxicity. Majority of investigational drugs meet to fail the requirements in Phase II and Phase I...
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This is the sad truth for cancer patients. Fighting an uphill battle with little ray of hope is really difficult for these patients. That little ray of hope is the clinical trials they enrol in with expectations that the tumor will meet its remedy. However, clinical trials do not guarantee treatment and patients should be well-informed of that. It has to be explained that these trials are part of studies that determine if this particular combination of drugs would be beneficial for this specifi...
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