How to Fix Embarrassing Bed Head Fast

How to Fix Embarrassing Bed Head Fast

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Don't go to work like this
13 Nov 2016 - General
Aww. I have same sentiments with Dc. Maria Cristina Inserto unless i am at home. Bed head is not a problem at all. However, i haven't any experienced staying in a place which has a winte...
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I can never leave the house without showering and wetting my hair. Actually when there are early things I have to go to, like going to the airport early for a flight, some people would take a bath at night to cut time in the morning--I would wake up ...
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Bed head is really annoying. It happens to all of us and can get really embarrassing especially when having holiday brunch with relatives the night after a reunion. Most of us will be in a rush to make it on time and opt to skip shower. Here are some...
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