Best food in Taiwan ?

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13 Nov 2016 - General


Taiwan is well known for the food and tourism.

In Taiwan, good food can range from roadside stalls or night market stalls or high end expensive restaurants.

Examples of nice restaurants in Taiwan for Taiwanese delicacies includes Du Hsiao Yue, Xin Ye, Xing Dong Nan etc.

In Taiwanese cuisine road side stalls or night market include snacks, such as smelly tofu, pig blood rice cake, cuttlefish soup, oyster omelette, pork shanks, been boon noodle soup and so on.  Shilin night market is one of the most famous but I think the best is Kee Lung Miao Kou night market.  What do you think are the best food in Taiwan ? Please comment and share. Thank you very much.

haha Thank you Md Shamim Reza for your invaluable comment. Sometimes, good food may not be healthy and healthy food generally dont taste good. However, this is a non-medical topic, so I shall just be truthful and just mention about food and lifestyle...
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WOW!! Attractive article. The name of the foods make me hungry. I have never travelled to Taiwan, and the chance is very low in near future. But if I ever get the chance to travel there, I will definitely taste some Taiwanese food.
However, I ex...
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