6 of Donald Trump’s known positions on healthcare and science

6 of Donald Trump’s known positions on healthcare and science

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With Mr Trump being granted a mandate by the American people, change is on the horizon. Here is a preliminary look at his health and scientific policy positions, based on his quotes.
13 Nov 2016 - General
I am neither pro-Trump nor Pro-Hillary. Always, when I talk to people about the recent US elections, I say that initially I thought TRUMP was laughable candidate and he stood no chance. An American friend noted that he saw my eyes roll at the mention of Trump's name, back in April. When my FB feed showed enough diversity, I began to wonder, why are these people voting for Trump? Talking to them I got to learn that one of their biggest complaints revolved around Obamacare and how the middle c...
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In the hours after the election of Donald Trump, many have become more worried about the future of the world as we know. This feeling extends certainly to the scientific and health areas. Even some people believe that Trump might be the first anti-science president America has ever had, especially after the shocking views like not believing in man-made climate change and its devastating consequences. In one of his tweets he said literally, “Remember, new "environment friendly" lightbul...
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Priscilla Mae Gobuyan entry of Trumph will effects some countries world which is a true. I am having slight knowledge on politics and international affairs. It seems to be what I came to know from critics and news is with Trumph entry world effects. Can you imagine stock exchange effected esp Indian stock exchange 1000 points down after results announced and later stabilised. It is expected a change in better hea...
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I am not so sure about the newly elected President's platform in healthcare. Given that he is a pure businessman and doesn't have any background in politics, I am not sure if how will he be able to lead the country and take control of everything. As a father of the State, it requires responsibility and almost all candidates will make sure that their platforms will sell their names. I am not against Trump nor I don't even known much about US politics but as long as the said promises w...
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