Filipino HCPs: The Complete Guide to Working in Singapore

Filipino HCPs: The Complete Guide to Working in Singapore

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Here is a comprehensive guide for any Filipino healthcare professionals who are looking to work in the multicultural city-state that is Singapore.
13 Nov 2016 - General
I agree with you that the qualified required to be eligible to work in Singapore are really very high. Even for most of non-Singaporean doctors, they have to have the full American board or the full British royal college membership which are considered the highest international medical degrees. Perhaps that is because the very small size of the country. The guide provided in the article contains fully detailed step by step for all health care workers eligible to work in Singapore. However, we sh...
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Yay! Thanks for sharing these tips on how to live in Singapore for newbies. I think working in Singapore as a part of the healthcare team is a good choice but most of the recruiters hiring Filipino nurses requires qualifications that are way a little too much compared to other countries. Like for example, being qualified for the enrolled nurse which you get to work like an assistant of the registered nurse, it only requires at least a year of experience but the salary is way different from that ...
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