Nurses, be cautious: Workplace hazards in healthcare institutions in Singapore

Nurses, be cautious: Workplace hazards in healthcare institutions in Singapore

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While providing holistic care to patients, nurses must also remember to take care of their own well being. Impaired performance due to lack of self-care will affect the patient and the whole working unit. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge and prevent potential working hazards as nurses carry out their duties.
13 Nov 2016 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz thank you for sharing this article to be discussed, no healthcare facility could exist without nurses, there existence is the key for the perfect and organized healthcare facility and their tasks can't be done by any one .
They sacrifice to do their job completely perfect so we should alert them by the dangers and obstacles they may face everyday.
Their life always in danger and they...
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Dear Mahmoud AbdelAziz, this article makes an alert to nurse to make a hazard free working. Many of the time we are safe being health care professionals. Buy some times patient may behave aggressive unexpectedly during injection if medicine can lead to deep hurting of nurse. So, nurses should monitor feelings and body language of patients. Other major concern I feel to nurses stress at work which is unbearable even other HCPs can't withstand. Because women have the power for being patience. ...
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Nurses are the front liners of patient care thus exposure to these hazards comes closer too. Needle stick injuries are one of the top hazards to our health. In reality, I don't believe that the statistics mentioned is an accurate percentage because to be honest in our local setting there's a lot of unreported cases of needle stick injury. Correct me if I'm wrong. This is applicable to almost everywhere maybe not all but almost of the population. Exposure to diseases and chemicals suc...
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Not only nurses but also doctors and other healthcare workers are susceptible to these work hazards. Healthcare professionals’ well-being is a key factor for their performance. HCPs are often viewed as “immune” to injury or illness. Their patients come first. They are often expected to sacrifice their own well-being for the sake of their patients. The needle injury risk is very high and requires alert mind to avoid it. The physical and mental stress and fatigue are experienced among all the wor...
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