PH: DepEd fully implements tobacco control policy in schools

PH: DepEd fully implements tobacco control policy in schools

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The anti-smoking campaign is going to schools after the Department of Education issued an order providing measures that would eliminate smoking in and around school campuses.
13 Nov 2016 - General
In the University I went to (during my time there) you couldn't be seen smoking at some distance from the school. People have, of course, calculated that distance and as soon as they pass that line they would light a cigarette. Some people flock around that area so everyone still had a place to smoke in school. I know for a fact that in some schools, there are "pocket gardens" where smoking is allowed. That's within the school's gated area. Anyway, there should be a stricte...
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The mission of Department of Education in Philippines is to reduce the global burden of tobacco-related death and disease through implementing tobacco control policy in schools. It is to discourage tobacco use among students and teachers. These organisations developed their recommendations independently, each adapting to the environment tobacco control policies that are effective in the general population. It is recommended that all schools prohibit smoking in all campus buildings (including st...
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