6,889 doctors, nurses face ax

6,889 doctors, nurses face ax

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By Mario B. Casayuran A total of 6,970 nurses, doctors, and dentists face the prospect of losing their jobs next year unless Congress overrides Malacañang’s plan to drastically downsize the number of frontline health personnel under
14 Nov 2016 - General
This is definitely bad news. The working conditions in our country are not also favorable so I am certain that these people will probably migrate to other countries for better opportunities. We always end up losing expertise because of our economic s...
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I foresee that if this happens, more Filipino healthcare workers would need to find work else where. It is a shame that this is happening to healthcare workers but we do not have the final say, of cause. It is a norm to see Filipino healthcare worker...
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Oh my, this is such a sad news. I read this headline in haste, on FB, but I only read it now. Over 6000 healthcare personnel will be losing their job and that's just awful. Many hospitals, clinics and sectors all over the county are only lacking ...
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It is a sad news to our fellow healthcare professionals working in the government. There is really a problem in the Philippine healthcare setting. Is it political will, budget allocation, corruption or other factors? No wonder, there is an exodus of ...
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