Demoralised doctors and the impact on patients’ welfare

Demoralised doctors and the impact on patients’ welfare

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The General Medical Council in the UK has highlighted that demoralised doctors across the board leave the profession at risk of posing a threat to the safety of patients.
14 Nov 2016 - General
Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan you told life is a mix of up and downs without these life is tasteless. One should identify factors effecting and should try to avoid and minimise the factors. O...
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Maria Cristina Inserto one should have dreams and work for them to achieve. You well said, one should able to balance personal and professional life other wise life is a waste with only achi...
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It’s true that in every career isn’t exactly a bed of roses. Demoralization due to stress and exhaustion is quite common, especially in careers that are in fast-paced settings. Additionally, a lack of fulfillment and even discouragement from problems...
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I think in every career, even if the one you supposedly chose goes through the path you have always planned for yourself, the passion is not enough to always keep you on top in terms of emotions. As you go further and further up the ladder, the work ...
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